Guitar Tuition


About Ray Martinez

I can teach you how to play the acoustic or electric within my own teaching facilities, whatever your age or playing level. Having spent many years performing and recording with top artists and bands, I have a unique insight into the practicalities of playing the guitar and can offer you a wealth of helpful, practice advice.

I have played in many countries around the world and have been involved in countless recording sessions, based mainly at the world famous Rockfield Studios in Monmouth. I have performed at some of the top venues including the NEC Birmingham, SEC Glasgow, The Royal Albert Hall, The London Palladium, Parc des Exposition Paris, Congress Centre Hamburg, Olympic Halle Munich and the Piper Club Rome.

"Needless to say I am extremely satisfied with the results. From not being able to play a chord, to now playing all of my favourite songs on my guitar! Thanks for the encouragement and guidance Ray."
I could play a few chords before I joined Ray, he has not just taught me music theory over the last 15 years but has given me the confidence to play in a band and perform infront of an audience.
"Not able to tell you how happy I am with the lessons. I was amazed at how quickly I took to them as a beginner. Thank you!"


£23 - 45 Minutes
£28 - 1 Hour
Acoustic guitar lessons are great fun. I can enhance your picking and strumming techniques whilst learning your favourite tracks.
High end amplification and effects are provided for any and all electric guitar orientated music. Having a great tone always helps!
I will provide you with notation, tabs and tracks to help you with your own practice so you can make the most of your lessons.


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